Arleta A. Kitlas, M.D., B.S.N.

Nephrology & Hypertension
General Internal Medicine

The co-founder of Dynamic Health Associates, P.A., Dr. Arleta A. Kitlas is fully licensed to practice medicine and surgery in the State of Florida. She is a board-certified, fellowship-trained specialist in Nephrology & Hypertension, as well as Internal Medicine.

Dr. Kitlas is an internationally educated physician; she took her M.D. degree at the Poznan University of Medical Sciences in Poznan, Poland, European Union. Thanks to this opportunity, she has rare insight into medicine as practiced outside of the United States. She is familiar with unique treatments and approaches unavailable here.

Dr. Kitlas strongly believes that medication and mainstream medicine only provide part of the answer. Nutrition, exercise, and physician-supervised dietary supplementation are often equally important factors in the quest for wellness. She is so convinced of this that she is a primary consultant to,, a company dedicated to creating truly effective, and fully research-based supplements. It comes as no surprise that diet, exercise, and supplements are an integral part of Dr. Kitlas' treatment plans.

Prior to entering medical school, Dr. Kitlas first earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Illinois at Chicago. This experience provides her with unique insights into a different side of caring for patients. She understands how difficult it is to be ill, and difficult even small daily tasks can become.

Dr. Kitlas completed her medical internship at The Ochsner Clinic Foundation.

Little did she know that just one month after her arrival in New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina would come. Dr. Kitlas persevered through the storm and it's aftermath, and decided to remain at The Ochsner Clinic where she completed her post-graduate residency training in Internal Medicine.

She then completed further sub-specialty fellowship training in Nephrology & Hypertension at The Ochsner Clinic and The Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center at New Orleans.

Dr. Kitlas is an avid swimmer and cycler, and she grew up in Chicago, IL.

She also loves the sun and beach, and is delighted to be here in the Sarasota/Bradenton area, and able to serve the needs of this community with her unique skills and experience!